If You Forget About Scratch Cards You Are Definitely Missing Out

Win Big Playing Scratch Cards Online

Lest we forget the might of the scratch card. This magnet of a game often is forgotten by players entering a casino online, when it actually gives you a far better chance than most other games within the area of gambling. We are, of course, here to big-up and remind players of this big money option and tell you why it should be a game that is given real consideration when faced with slots and card games. The scratch cards are faster, easier to play and the big money is made and available many times over.


Alas, when it does come to the scratchcards, casinos don’t tend to highlight the fact they are available and for players in South Africa, only a select view has them available. If you search for the game within a casino online, the games are put into the category that is either ‘specialist’ or ‘other’, unfair labelling we say. To help you access these games, there is a site conveniently located here, that can supply those based in South Africa with the best range of scratch games online that exist.

Not only will they supply you with big jackpot scratch card games, but these are the only few casinos that have them which are legally available in the region. The casino listed are licensing by gaming commission who have been approved by the SA NGB, so all legalities are covered. The casinos are also certified sited which offer fair play games, tested by independent authorities which means no game is tamper, rigged or fixed.

Save your time and start making some real money by clicking on the link and you could be playing and winning in a matter of minutes.

Experience the Instant Win Casino Game in All Its Glory

When it comes to choice, scratch card games are one of the most diverse options, falling to second behind the slots. Now, considering this is a game which is hardly pushed by the casino, the options and opportunities are there to be had and seeing as they are a forgotten game with many jackpots that must be won, it may as well be you that strikes it luck by taking advantage of the situation.

Amongst the many hundreds of online scratch card games, you will find titles based on popular shows and movies, you will find games in the genre of sci-fi and horror, there are games with animals, food and everything that this basically under the sun. The styles of play are also mixed, if you don’t want to play the traditional form of a scratch game and have one opportunity to win from it, there are many games that have the 3 in 1 possibility to win.

So, let’s continue to build the hype by explaining just how these games are played. They are very easy, you have to match 3 symbols to win, these symbols each have a represented prize value. Load the game, set the amount you wish to bet and click play. The symbols are revealed behind the game’s panel and the result is made.

The more you bet on a game that is adjustable, the more you win back on each prize section.

So, if you want to win the big win, you need to pay the higher amounts to stand a chance. That’s how easy playing scratch card games are and why it should be on your to-do list inside any casino that has it as a gaming option.


Online Scratch Cards vs. ‘Real’ Scratch Cards

Allow us to further settle the argument for those that ask, well why play online and not just buy scratch cards normally in licensed shops? The argument ‘for’ is simple, fairness. If you purchase a regular scratch card, there is nothing telling you if the jackpot is still active on the game. Even if the lower values are available, where is the fairness, that you bought the ticket for the chance to win big when it is no longer there.

Now, play online and there is always a jackpot available to be won by players. Add to the fact of fair play, then you are looking at the convenience of playing online. Games are accessible via your mobile. Then you have the number of titles and nothing compares. Really, why wouldn’t you want to play online? The games are tested, the casinos are legitimate, and you get paid in rand currency for any win amount you land.

There you have it, the online scratch card game and the big wins that can come from it, want to know the average jackpot just to be sure? How would you feel about R15,000,000 from a game that only lasts 5 seconds? See for yourself.